Teds Shed

Hello and welcome to Teds Shed, here you will find all the services required to help you with your own restoration project.

My passion for motorcycles was born at a very early age, my parents would take us camping on a farm somewhere in Suffolk, the two brothers that owned the farm had a pair of old BSA 1000 twins, they would always ensure one of them was running in readiness for our visit, much to my mothers despair dad would load up two of his three son’s the third was still in a pram and take us for a tour of the farm, my brother and I would hang on for dear life, that’s me on the back….. I was hooked.

I purchased my first motorcycle at the age of twelve from a Jumble sale at our local village hall, its was a Phillips Panda moped, the fuel tank and engine was full of a type of resin, I couldn’t sleep with the excitement of pulling it apart and returning it to running condition, I spent every evening after school in the garage with tools borrowed from my father mostly consisting of a cold chisel and bolster, it took many weeks but eventually after what felt like thousands of miles of peddling while on its center stand the little Phillips burst into life, unfortunately at half throttle sending me crying to my father to save the day, he promptly ran into the smoke filled garage and removed the plug cap…..game on..!!

I served my apprenticeship at Moorgreen Metal Industries as a toolmaker/turner producing engine components for the Olympus and Tyne Rolls Royce engines, in the eighty’s I owned a Motorcycle shop in Southampton specializing in spares and repairs for Triumph Norton and BSA motorcycles.

I’ve owned a number of successful engineering orientated businesses since then and now find myself in the fortunate position to return to working with classic motorcycles and their owners.

Below a picture of my 1955 Vincent Rapide, a very long way from a Phillips Panda.