Specialized Engine Coatings

We can offer  two-part and epoxy coatings for engine cases, theses finishes are extremely durable far more so than any single part paints available in spray cans, and are available in a range of colours and finishes ranging from 10% gloss through to full gloss.

We are able to undertake theses finishing process without you stripping the engine, please inquire for costings. However to give an example the Honda and Bultaco engines below cost £250.00 to finish, this also included vapour blasting to the head and barrels, both engines were refinished without having to be dismantled. 


Kal-Gard Gun Kote

Originally developed in the military for the protection of ammunition boxes and shell cases, it was soon discovered that this coating had great heat dispersing properties and after further development it was applied to machine gun barrels to help disperse heat during operation.

It has been proven that correctly applied to an air cooled engine it can reduce the running temperature by as much as 20 degrees (less for a oil or water cooled engine). The application procedure is critical, all items must first be dry blasted with the correct grade of media, the item must then be raised to the correct temperature prior to coating. Once the Kal-Gard has been applied it has to be cured at the time and temperature specified by the manufacturer.

Please note that due to the high curing temperatures all seals and rubber/plastic components must be removed prior to treatment.

The following Fantic images show the stages of application.

The images below show Gun-Kote applied to a number of race engines.